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E—LAND Group

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In 1980, E, LAND group came to China. E, LAND as a mainly engaged in adult casual wear, children's clothing, underwear,

Women's clothing and other industries, in South Korea, China, the United States and other countries, as a professional in the circulation industry, over the past few years has been constantly expanding the domestic and foreign markets.

In 1994, is beginning with the first domestic large-scale clothing stores, bought in 2004 after NewCore, strengthen the power of the circulation department. Combine business uniform clothing enterprise and circulation, force between two departments in the maximum benefits.
In addition, by entering the construction industry, leisure industry, catering industry to support the current business.

Also through the internalization of promoting the cause of the power at the same time, as to lay a firm foundation for future growth.

In South Korea, China, the United States, Britain, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, six countries have 11 branches
- involved in garment accessories, retail, catering, hotel furniture, real estate and IT six areas
- have E, LAND, TEENIE WEENIE etc. More than 80 strong brand
- has 2001 outlets, NEWCORE etc. More than 50 department stores
- each year will be 10% of the profits for society dedication

Group memorabilia

In 2011, South Korea group fashion business involving more than 80 men, women, children, underwear, sportswear.

2010 acquisition of the famous Italian leather shoes LARIO and Italy's famous fashion brand clothing brand BELFE; Breakthrough 1 million han Chinese clothing sales

2009 acquisition of NEW BALANCE, ELLESSE, BERGHAUS management; Sales breakthrough 5 million han

By the south Korean government in 2008 awarded the "share management award"
In 2007 by Korean efficiency association rated AAA level service and quality
In 2006, South Korea to buy 32 carrefour stores in South Korea
In 2004 won the South Korea "the most respected enterprise award" and "enterprise award".
2005 acquisition of Haitai Retail; Now renamed as "Kim 's Club Mart" the big supermarket
2004 acquisition "NewCore"; Specialized enterprise merger and distribution industry
2003 acquisition "DECO" brand; The number one company mergers Han Guoyuan women's fashion field
In 2000 ~ 2001 South Korea "the knowledge management award".
In 1999 2001 outlet from SSGA company introduction of 33.3 billion han.
1998 LITTLE BRENNTANO Warburg Pincus "from the United States and ENGLAND" boutique opened beside ewha womans university, Seoul, Korea
From 1998 to 1999 the successful introduction of foreign investment
Enter the hotel industry in 1996; "Kensington or Hotel" in Han Guoxue YueShan completion national park entrance.
Into the restaurant industry in 1994; "Pizza Mall" advocate the reasonable price for the opening
Enter the circulation industry in 1994; South Korea the first domestic discount department stores type 2001 outlet opening
Founded in 1980, "ENGLAND" boutique opened beside ewha womans university, Seoul, Korea