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GAP Group

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GAP  is one of America's largest clothing company. Founded in 1969, only a handful of employees. Now, it is to have five brands (GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, and Athleta), more than 3200 chain stores, annual turnover of more than $13 billion, 165000 employees of multinational companies. It is difficult to avoid GAP in say McFashion,. This once all the rage in the whole world the parity of fashion brands, was associated with a lot of stars, such as Sharon stone wore it to go to the Academy Awards; Another made the brand so famous is monica lewinsky, the famous blue skirt, is also a GAP.

Every American or Canadian's closet, no matter he or she rich or poor, will definitely have more than a GAP clothing. Now, its stores are springing up all over the world, more than 2600 overseas sales outlets, let every corner of the young people in the world can be wearing sets GAP three letters of the classic t-shirts display. But the GAP is already one of the world's most famous and most influential public recreational outfit brand, it is a representing the same leisure contracted large apparel group culture.

By Donald and Doris Fisher in 1969, the GAP was founded in San Francisco, California, from in the beginning of a small shop and a few employees to become one of America's largest apparel group today, has three brands (GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy), 4250 stores and 165000 employees. GAP group is the United States in the clothing industry one of the most high-profile companies.