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True Religion Jeans (" True faith "cowboy) brand story:

From California, Jeffery and Kym, the sunny west coast of the United States, jeans and music accounted for most of their life position, the couple files for the design of the jeans, more fascinated by rock explosive force, True Religion jeans brand founded two years ago, the two made a clever combination of logo on a thumbs-up, hand holding the guitar maitreya, convey it is two people will be cowboys and rock as the most faithful belief in my life.

"Chip&Pepper east and west have True Religion", the denim market in the United States is very unique, each brand's boom has obvious cycle curve, as long as the heat and topic's a fade, designers can repackage, end new dishes, launched a new brand and the idea, True Religion although the market is only two years, but the back is responsible for the design of the couple, as early as before have own brand, design jeans for them, is a can continue to play the challenge of new tricks.

True Religion, the founder and designer Jeffery Lubell, in 2002, was elected as the best men's designer jeans, he once said: "Denim is the staple of the American wardrobe" (American's closet, obviously jeans), he and his wife Kym for True Religion's expectations, is hoping to establish a jeans brand, both visual and sensory and revealed in fact wear sexy, expression, is that they give a cowboy costume from True Religion loyal customer list - Cameron Diaz (Cameron), Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson), George Clooney (George library, lonnie)... And so on, it's not hard to see among the artists in Hollywood "action" to support the Lubell "cowboy" dream of the husband and wife. Whether walking on the avenue of stars of the red carpet or sunny beach, you can wear jeans, True Religion to pass is wear authors show self personality.